SoCal Stages

Stripper Poles , GoGo Cages, Platforms

Elite 24 inch H
with 10ft pole  
Elite 12 inch H
with  8 ft pole 

LEd lighting kit included in purchase

additional sets are $40

Elite 18 inch H 
            SoCal Stages have been designed to be completely portable and freestanding. There is no need to permanently secure to the ceiling nor to  the ground. Our Elite 5x5 Octagon stage is made up of two metal steel frames that are placed together at setup. The pole is placed in the center and the stage frames and pole are bolted together.  We recommend using an electric screw gun to tighten all the bolts together. At this time a weight bag should be placed across both halves at the base. Next if lighting is desired, place the LED lighting strip along the framing. The extension cord will fit through one of the sides after complete setup. Next the 8 acrylic sides are attached to the frame sides.  Velcro has been used to line the frames and the acrylic to make for more rapid installation as well as eliminate cracking the acrylic with continuous use.  Lastly, the two acrylic stage tops should be carefully placed on top of frames. Velcro has been attached to the tops as well. After all steps have been completed, the installer should double check all areas of the stage to make sure all pieces are secured together.  In the event you desire a permanent installation, please consult a professional to secure to a stud beam and/ or cement foundation.

Single stage pieces on utility cart. photo for information purposes only. Utility cart not for sale.

The Elite 5x5 octagon single